The Apocalypse is Just A Plane Ticket Away - A Zombie RP [Accepting Profiles]

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The Apocalypse is Just A Plane Ticket Away - A Zombie RP [Accepting Profiles] Empty The Apocalypse is Just A Plane Ticket Away - A Zombie RP [Accepting Profiles]

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Controlled By: Rocket
Aubrey Elmquist
The Hopeless Medic

The Apocalypse is Just A Plane Ticket Away - A Zombie RP [Accepting Profiles] 30ct1dw

Age : 22
Date of Birth : January 21st

Employment : Cafe Barista

Height : 5 ' 9 ''
Weight : 130 pounds
Body Type : Slim / Athletic
Eye Color : Steel Blue
Hair Color : Dark Chestnut


It's really hard to dislike a girl like Aubrey. She is co-dependent, whiny, and a bit of a mooch. Despite being the eldest sibling, she doesn't exhibit many stable leadership skills, and has a tendency to rely mostly on her younger brother. But her inability to ever grow up gives her a childlike innocence that makes it hard to scold her, because in the end - she doesn't mean any harm.

Aubrey will be the first to tell you that you can do it, and motivate you to try your best. She's always there to listen, which for most - makes up for her lack of constructive advice. Wild, energetic and a health nut, she likes to keep moving. But this is all likely to keep herself from realizing her life isn't exactly where she wanted it to be.

Equipment / Abilities

Natural Agility & Stamina;

Quick reflexes, high endurance and swift feet are all abilities she's gained from her athleticism in life. But Aubrey doesn't pack a lot of strength.


Aubrey and Ian were unfortunate enough to be raised in a less than healthy household. In the end, parents like theirs should have divorced ages ago, the term "stay in it for the kids" doesn't apply well here because the split would have probably made everyone involved a lot happier. Both their parents were unemployed and living literally off government checks. The small house always felt even smaller when they were home, and the kids couldn't take a wrong step without getting heavily scolded.

That's why at an early age Aubrey took up school sports. Practice and games took up a great deal of her time and kept her out of the house while her parents were still awake. As the sun set, she would head home, usually straight to the room she shared with her younger brother. And as the door shut behind her, the world they shared would brighten their lives. A world fueled by anime and gaming inspired fantasies that helped them forget about what was really outside that door.

Once school was over, the two debated taking their schooling further. In the end, it wasn't worth the trouble and money at the time. They needed to support themselves and save up enough money to get out of the rats nest they currently called home. So Aubrey took up a job at a local cafe while Ian finished up school and took on his own part time job.

But Aubrey being the whimsical type, when they reached the goal they wanted to move out, she approached Ian with an idea. Before they jump out into the real world, and end up never being able to really save this much ever again, why don't they take one trip - somewhere they've always wanted to go. To reward themselves for their hard work, and to maybe experience that one magical thing before the real world eats them up.

And that's how their story began...

Controlled By: Medic Man
Ian Elmquist
The Protective Younger Brother

The Apocalypse is Just A Plane Ticket Away - A Zombie RP [Accepting Profiles] KisaragiShintaro6001733726_zps4e44cbe6

Age : 20
Date of Birth :August 6th

Employment : Pizza Delivery Driver

Height : 5' 6"
Weight : 160
Body Type : Slim
Eye Color : Sapphire Blue
Hair Color : Black


Throughout his entire life, Ian was never really an outgoing kind of person. He's the kind of kid who would get bullied at school for being quiet and that does decent on tests.The only person he has really been able to get along with is his older sister. With the way things go in the Elmquist household, Ian has become very protective of his older sister because of how she acts. Ian spends most of his time playing video games and watching anime in his spare time, that is when he isn't cooking dinner or cleaning the house.

To any stranger, he will most likely ignore at first. If the person sticks around and is friendly, he'll warm up to them. Ian always thinks before he acts, which sometimes ends up getting him into more trouble then he originally thought. Never afraid to speak the truth,  or tell it like it is.Ian realizes he won't become some big famous star with load of cash, and he's fine with that.As long as he can afford enough to live and make the people he cares about the most around him happy, that's enough for him.


Intelligence/Quick thinker

Always thinks before acting, where he lacks brute force and stamina, he makes up with his ability to to solve all problems as easy as possible.


Ian and his sister grew up in probably one of the worst places this world had to offer. There parents were always fighting, but at a young age neither of them could understand why or what they were even doing, it just seemed normal to them. That was until they got to school and saw how the rest of the world acted. Since a young age the two would always try their best to stay out of the house and away from there parents. As they grew older and older the two had to be at home more often, doing chores and whatnot. This lead to them both being exposed to more fighting and violence. Around middle school, Ian discovered anime. He was so hooked into this other world that he wished every day and night that he and his sister could somehow be brought into that world. After showing this all to his sister, the two would hide in their rooms and watch while pretending like everything around them wasn't going on.

As they grew even older, Ian had looked into it and brought up the idea of taking a long trip to Japan, as this was the closest thing to the other world as possible. In agreement, after High School the two didn't go to College and try to further their education, instead they both took up low end jobs to save up cash secretly and finally take the vacation they've needed their entire lives. Ian wasn't planning on telling his sister until later in the trip, but he wasn't planning on leaving Tokyo and going back to that house. He learned a bit of Japanese, enough to form basic sentences to get by. Ian planned on teaching his sister as much Japanese as possible so they both could get a job out there and finally be free from the hell they dealt with their entire lives.

Controlled By: Spooky
Darius Hearthorne
The Fallen Star

The Apocalypse is Just A Plane Ticket Away - A Zombie RP [Accepting Profiles] IBUKICarolfull1639686_zps16b28048

Age:: 23
Born:: July 14th
Weight:: 149 Lbs
Height:: 6'0
Eyes:: Ultramarine
Hair:: Autumn Sunrise

Occupation:: Professional Baseball Player


Once he made it big in the major league in America, Darius had a wild side that pushed him to do unsavory and shameful things. Though he was brought up in a strict household, a young man with fame and money tends to live life as if they were invincible. During his time in America he was incredibly cocky and arrogant. He believed he was untouchable and with his impressive playing record, he almost was. It wasn't until being forced to retire and leave his fame behind that Darius became the more mild mannered and friendly individual that he is today. Since playing in Japan, he has always been a team player and is the first to compliment his fellow teammates and raise morale when the team is trailing behind during games.

Despite this, Darius' wild and cocky attitude lies dormant. Once he realizes he's succeeding and performing above everyone else, his invincible attitude returns. Many say that it is because of this, his days playing professional baseball in Japan will be short lived.

Equipment / Abilities

His training pays off::

-Good eyesight-
Darius is able to hit fastballs up to 90 mph with accuracy as well as being able to catch baseballs that make it to the outfield.

-Powerful swing-
Darius has been practicing his hitting technique for years and has been able to knock a few out of the park.

-Great Teamwork-
Since moving leagues, Darius has been very vocal with his team and has managed to rally the Giants to victory despite unfavorable odds.

Stepping up to bat with::

-One lighter. Half full.
-Signed wooden baseball bat. A present for a fan.
-Car keys. Only work with a 2001 Nissan Skyline GT-R. Blue.
-Pack of cigarettes. 4 remaining. He'll give up smoking next year.
-House keys. Grants access to a spacious studio apartment in downtown Tokyo.


Born and raised in Southern Vermont, Darius was brought up from an early age to be the best at America's national pastime. His parents constantly pushed him to succeed and succeed he would. By the time he entered high school, Darius was quickly made captain of the baseball team after demonstrating his incredible abilities at hitting. The small town Vermont high school would go on to place 3rd nationally in his first year of playing. It was not long before scouts made the long trip to scout the young man to play in the MLB. After graduating, Darius was picked up by the Miami Marlins to play professional baseball as a designated hitter. He was only 19 when he began his professional career and despite the team's overall lack of success, Darius still shined as one of the better hitters in the league. His new career lead Darius down a dark path and at the age of 20 he was faced with a scandal that would end the rest of his career. Sexual allegations had arose with several of the major league player's fans and due to the overwhelming controversy, Darius was forced to retire mid season. Several months later, Darius received an invitation to play for Japan's Yomiuri Giants. Darius was moved as an outfielder and began playing a year after leaving MLB. Among the ranks of Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball league he proved to be a strong team player. With the intention of atoning for the mistakes he made in America, he remained humble despite winning the Japan Series Championship in his first year of playing. Darius is also well known for treating his fans with the utmost respect. After games, Darius will spend hours outside of the team locker room signing gloves, bats and baseballs for fans all clamoring for audience with the hitting great.

Darius spends most of his time in the heart of Tokyo. Most of his time is dedicated to perfecting and working on his baseball abilities and in his down time will often be seen driving around the rural areas and around mountains. Though he has lived in Tokyo for a few years, he is still very much a stranger to it's land.

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