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Brought to you by Greeny.
[Will be posted soon]

:/Name/: Sebastian Du Lancre

:/Age/: Twenty-Five

:/Place of Birth/: Rose Gardens.

[A Victorian-style city which is very large as it is shady for it is home to not only humans but vampires, werewolves alike.]

:/Gender/: Male

:/Height/: 6'1"

:/Weight/: 189 lbs

:/Hair Color/: Brown. Long.

:/Eye Color/: Green

:/General Appearance/:

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:/Race/: Human

:/Occupation/:  Former Seaman, Transporter of trade goods, turned Hunter.

:/Good/Bad/Neutral/: Though some current actions may be bad, Sebastian leans toward good. Doing what must be done for the greater cause even if corners should be cut.



:/Sierra Du Lancre/: Sebastian's frail young wife whom was often sick while he was away at sea. It was during these times his parents took care to her. She gave birth to Sebastian's daughter Cassaundria, Cassie, at the rise of a strange plague which swept through Rose Gardens. Many fell victim to it including Sierra and the week year old baby girl with Sebastian on a work run.

:/A Mother/: /Deceased/

:/A Father/: /Status unknown/

:/Personality/: Troubled. Mysterious. Dark. Can be reckless.

:/Favors/: A good book. Music. Individuality. Wine.

:/Aversion/: Betrayal. Selfishness.  Most Vampires though he makes the exception for Thomas. Werewolves. Being limited. Children asking too many questions or those they shouldn't ask in general. Death of loved ones, friends.

:/Current Location/: Somewhere in Rose Gardens.


:/Lovers/: Former.

:/Kadessia/: The wicked yet brave 'business' woman whom Sebastian met a year after his wife and child were dead to the world. The affair they began seemed more trouble than it was worth as Kadessia has no loyalty to anyone and would likely stab them in the back to safeguard her own neck, this includes Du Lancre. Deep down she's developed genuine feelings for him although he refuses to reciprocate them.

:/Nicola Verslain/: Richard Ellensworth's quiet wife oblivious to what her husband is or for what goes on in Rose Gardens. She and Sebastian met by coincidence, shared in grief of losing someone close to them, and ended up together for a brief moment. It was enough to cause a defining rift in her marriage.


:/Richard Ellensworth/: Nicola's husband and the King of werewolves 'Furvadan'. Initially Richard knew nothing of what he was and once found out his true heritage he rampaged and begun The Retribution War. He made it his personal mission to attempt destruction to Sebastian for sleeping with his wife.

Many times have Richard and Du Lancre fought ending with equal standing. He's murdered countless all for his own blood-stained hate.

:/Cyanbel/: Half-brother to Richard Ellensworth. Also a formidable werewolf often crazed for the flesh of humans. Attempted genocide to the human population often clashing with Sebastian. Lost an eye to the human. Loves battle and the misfortune of others. He makes a sport of those he kills choosing to carve numbers in his flesh of the victims he's made.


:/Thomas/: Violin playing 113 year old vampire still considered a child. Oddly enough he follows Sebastian even acts as an escort in Prim Town.



A dagger with a jewel hilt.

Musket, various.

Flintlock Blunderbuss.


:/Thread/: Unknown as of now.

:/History/: Best saved in the thread.

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