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Post by Medic Man on Sun May 31, 2015 11:36 pm

I get these intros started with my own! bounce So hey everyone, Medic Man here, I love to roleplay all the time, though as of late I haven't been in too many. If I had to choose a favorite genre it would probably be Fantasy. I've been craving a really good zombie survival roleplay for a while now so if I see anything like that I'll jump on it. I respond as quickly as I possibly can, though my posts aren't always the best or the longest. I really enjoy anime and playing video games in my spare time. Music is consuming my life and I'm totally okay with that because I love it, I'm even trying to learn how to play bass myself and hope to maybe one day contribute to the music world myself.

So that's pretty much it! Short and sweet. I look forward to talking with everyone and to having some fun! tongue
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